We are lucky to have gathered these people, the KC ENGINE. Zero budget projects are always challenging. The only way to get the right people onboard and retain them is their genuine interest in the project and alignment of their own values and visions with the cause it pursues. We tailored this initiative to be open – where all IISL members are granted equal opportunities to contribute and whose submissions are appreciated with equal respect. This is our way to pay forward to the IISL community.

The volunteers you see below have supported the IISL in bringing to life the KC concept you see now. Our team comprises of talented lawyers, eloquent communicators, creative social media disruptors, most elegant graphic designers, outstanding video producers, best networked partnership builders and strategic innovators. Our team hopes to make the IISL KC a benchmark Space Law project with its platform for exchange of Space Law knowledge. With YOUR contributions to our platform, we hope to significantly create value for the international space law community

Olga Stelmakh-Drescher

Executive Manager

Laetitia Z

Executive Project

Deepika Jeyakodi

Claudiu Mihai Taiatu

Scientific Adviser and Content Manager