The IISL Space Law Knowledge Constellation creates an open environment bringing all IISL members together for progressive development and capacity-building of space law. The typography of our logo is clean and organized, referring to the structured and solid status of the IISL. The dark blue color symbolizes authority, intelligence, and elegance. The turquoise color provides both contrasts as well as a ‘down to Earth’ feeling. Together these colors form the primary colors of planet Earth, our place in the Universe. Through our inclusive, equal and interactive values, minds from every part of the world will become the constellation, re-architecting this orbital heart of matter that will be the pathway to future space activities. Embodying both space and interconnectivity, our logo can also be seen as space orbits reaching and connecting everyone together through space law. Our logo has embraced the motivation to break down the traditional orbit of knowledge within the space sector, in order to recreate the trajectory through the implementation of our Knowledge Constellation’s creative way of thinking. In her role as the Global Strategic Brand and Visual Identity Manager of the Knowledge Constellation, Wendy Mensink created the logo and the visual identity of this project. You may contact her at: wendy.mensink@void-visual.com